BEETF is a privately managed IT company engaged in software engineering and development.
I think that it’s extraordinarily important that we in computer science keep fun in computing.
The company is young, but the team members are working together since more than a decade. In 2017 we decided to stream all our creative energy through a common channel, leaning on each other and complementing each other on and off the pitch, trying to keep a smile while doing it.
Things we care about:
  • Keep the fun in the job.
  • Trust each other.
  • Build trust with customers.
  • Aim for quality instead of quantity.
  • Keep learning.
  • Keep experimenting.

The Task Force

Working together since more than a decade, constantly looking to improve ourselves, all for the benefit of the team and our customers.


Senior front-end developer
Senior Java developer

Róbert - RoBee

Senior Java developer


Senior Java developer


Senior Java developer

Norbert - NorBee

Senior front-end developer


Java developer


Java developer
Front-end developer

Béla - Beela

Senior Java developer
Solutions architect


Mobile developer


Java developer


System administrator


Software Development

We believe software should be written for your processes, not your processes adapted to the software. We are your partners in optimizing your workflows with custom tailored solutions to achieve your goals.

Our team is focused on building end-to-end solutions using cutting edge technologies.


Strong communication skills, vast experience in rapid development is what we offer.

Our partners are happy, and that makes us happy as well.


Contact Us

George Enescu, 5, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, ROMANIA, T.: +40740252126, E.: hive@bee-tf.ro

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